Benefits of glass Foil

- Jul 31, 2017 -

1, more economical: both tempered transparent glass or tinted glass paste heat reflective film than the replacement of heat reflective glass to save 50% of the total cost, the rest of the situation can be analogous, for example: the original ordinary insulating glass paste thermal reflective film or low radiation film after the separate into a hollow thermal reflective coating glass or hollow low radiation coating glass.

2, more fast: the existing glass foil than the old glass to replace the new glass time period, easy to operate.

3, more environmentally friendly: the replacement of glass will produce a large number of broken glass of construction waste, will increase the transportation and landfill costs, and the film can be used to make use of existing glass, insulation and safety function into the class. can also prevent indoor carpets, curtains, fabrics and paint, such as fading, effective protection of indoor furniture, computers and other office equipment, prolong its service life.

4, more secure: The General insulation film also has a certain safety enhancement function, at the same time with the clip (plastic) layer of glass of the debris adhesion function, its safety is better than tempered glass, professional safety film security stronger.

5. More healthy: The installation glue in the glass foil contains UV (UV) absorbent, which can block 98%-99% ultraviolet rays.

6, more lightweight: if replaced with hollow glass or hollow-low-e glass, two pieces of glass and hollow Department of the total weight increase of 1 time times or more, will greatly increase the building load.

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