Blu-ray film common problems

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Blu-ray film common problems

Q: mobile phone film will hurt eyesight it?

A: poor quality light transmittance of mobile phone film will affect the eyesight. As the protective film easy to refraction of light, staring at a long time will cause visual fatigue, especially in outdoor sunlight, lack of screen illumination, will aggravate myopia. If the long-term does not change, scratched film is like a frosted glass, even more eye injuries! In the purchase of mobile phone film, film packaging should pay attention to see the integrity of the formal mobile phone film manufacturers will indicate the origin, factory name, bar code and other content. However, compared with the film, the long-term use of mobile phone itself, but it is the main factor affecting vision.

Q: long time to see cell phone eye pain how to do?

A: try to reduce the time spent playing the phone will not be over-tired eyes, dry, pain is the root of healthy eyes. Blu-ray mobile phone screen is harmful, it is recommended to put love eye anti-blue steel film.

Q: What is the phone screen blue? What harm?

A: Blu-ray is not blue light. It is a light generated by LED screens such as computers and mobile phones. It is a light with a wavelength of 400 nm-500 nm in the visible light range and a high-energy blue light with a wavelength of 450 nm-470 nm. The latest research shows that blue light can penetrate the cornea and lens of the eye to the retina, thus causing eye fatigue, dry eye, circadian clock disorders and other effects.

Q: Blu-ray anti-Blu-ray can really achieve the effect?

A: Mei Cheng love eye protection Blu-ray film is not a legend. It is through the nano-multilayer (with the plating and coating process has a higher technical difficulty) reflection of the screen blue interference, and can actually make the protective film itself has the function of blocking the blue light. The United States into the new love Blu-ray anti-Blu-ray film, it is anti-Blu-ray Mask enhanced version, both to protect the phone, but also protect the eyes, efficient dual protection!

Q: phone affixed tempered glass film will affect the touch it?

A: Today's tempered glass film thickness specifications are generally 0.25mm and 0.3mm, super sensitive, zero-distance touch reaction, the game starts without resistance; edge arc edge processing, ultimate feel, such as in the iphone screen protective film tempered glass On the show showed good results

Q: Blu-ray film can completely block the screen blue?

A: This is impossible. Because blue light is a component of visible light, as a kind of high-energy light that exists in the natural environment, we can not get rid of the blue light in real life, and the display effect of the blue screen will be unthinkable badly. Anti-Blu-ray film just to reduce the intensity of blue light 30%, to ensure transparency at the same time, do not change the color saturation of the original LED screen. So some 100% blocking the blue on the market is completely impossible

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