Characteristics of tempered glass protective film

- Jul 31, 2017 -

1, high transmittance: Super clear screen display light transmittance of up to 94%, highlighting three-dimensional, no bubbles, glare, ultra-low reflection, improve visual effect, long time use eyes not easy to fatigue, better protection of eyesight.

2, high-strength anti-scraping wear-resistant: strength to reach 8-9h, much higher than ordinary 3H hardness, effectively prevent the screen scraping flowers.

3, anti-fall, explosion-proof: Even if the glass is broken will not crush into sharp small pieces, will not cause any harm to the human body and mobile phones.

4, anti-fingerprint: even if subject to the pollution of different substances is easy to clean, surface polymer fingerprint treatment, fingerprint suppression than the general Protection film greatly improved.

5, ultra-thin reaction sensitive: glass thickness of only 0.4MM, affixed to the mobile phone almost no feeling, although the thickness of the ordinary film 3 times times, but the use of the touch reaction speed is more excellent.

6, Touch smooth smoothness: the glass surface after special treatment, to eliminate the ordinary touch jerky feeling, paste the hand more smooth operation more fluent.

7, Safety: products in accordance with European and American standards, so toughened glass is affixed with explosion-proof film, more secure.

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