Daily maintenance of glass foil

- Jul 31, 2017 -

1, in the glass film sticky paste after three days, do not move the glass, because the water does not completely evaporate, glass film is not firmly glued to the glass.

2, in the glass film sticky paste after 15 days, do not use water to scrub the film glass. Because the environment is too cold or overheating, the adhesion of glass film is not strong, because of the dislocation caused by wiping.

3, in the glass foil can not be hung or with binders, such as fixed any items of sticky hooks, not to paste on the glass stickers stickers.

4, with ammonia-free detergent, slightly evenly sprayed on the surface of the glass foil, and then gently dry the glass with soft cotton or soft tissue paper, cotton and paper towels often need to wring dry, containing cotton, paper towels on the pure external alcohol, will soon dissolve large areas of stains and left fingerprints. If the stain is not washed, after reuse of the spray cleaning liquid, rub the glass film from top to bottom with soft rubber squeegee until dry. Dry the edge of the glass film with a towel.

5, the glass film because of the use of adhesive tape, instant stickers or decals when the material to remove the residue of glue or glue, the use of soft clean cotton cloth dipped in acetone "nail polish remover" Gently scrub the contaminated area, you can quickly complete the removal of these residues in the glass film adhesive, a small amount of acetone will not damage the film but can immediately dissolve and completely evaporate viscose and most of the painting.

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