Glass foil can give you safety protection

- Jul 31, 2017 -

The current society, high-rise residential, high-rise district, at the same time the corresponding protection should keep up, that is, for the glass foil, do not hesitate to spend money, this is for you and your family's security to create a layer of invisible safety nets. Now high-rise buildings or houses are mostly no sticky glass foil, glass film, Strong wind, sun exposure, careless touch and so on will cause the glass fall injury, light injury, heavy people lost their lives, which is not uncommon in the news.

Anti-sticking glass foil, glass film, no matter what kind of wind, sun exposure or sudden collision will not appear broken glass things. According to the experiment, the glass sticking glass is used to knock the baseball bat or other hard object at close range, I saw broken glass is not beaten through, the debris has been firmly glued to the glass foil affixed together, to ensure that you and the family are not harmed, but also to create a safe environment for others. Of course, glass foil, glass film is not only this one function, but also has energy-saving, thermal insulation, heat insulation, anti-ultraviolet function, the coefficients are super counterparts, which UV protection coefficient is up to 99%, to meet your glass foil, glass film any requirements.

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