How to install a tempered glass screen protector?

- Nov 30, 2017 -

There is no doubt that the current smart phone market is the era of big touch screen. The screen is getting bigger. However, the screen is much easier to break. Imagine that if your precious phone accidentally fell to the ground and the screen is broken, then the phone cannot be used temporarily. What’s more, it is very expensive to repair it and have to wait for a long period of time.


But if you use a screen protector on the screen, it will give more protection to your cell phone. If the phone is dropped, only the tempered glass screen protector is broken, and the screen is still intact, then the damage to your phone can be minimized. The tempered glass screen protector is not only a layer of film, but also a layer of protection.


However, a lot of people don’t know how to apply a tempered glass film and always posted it with bubbles or pasted it badly. If so, a screen protector will be wasted. Then what is skill to apply a tempered glass screen protector? How to solve these applying problems? Here are some tips for installation.


① Use the wet alcohol wipe to clean the phone’s screen and make sure there is no finger-prints. Use the dry cloth to avoid remaining alcohol water and wipe the dust off, clean the screen carefully and make sure there is no dust.


② Tear off the release film of the tempered film carefully, hold the edge (Note: Do not touch the middle of the tempered film). Align the screen protector with the hole and the edge to the screen.


③ Put the tempered film down gently and press the middle of the screen, then it will stick to the screen automatically.


④ If there is a little bubbles, use a cloth or finger to squeeze them out. And then the installation is finished perfectly.


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