How to really distinguish between PE protective film and non-PE protective film

- Jul 31, 2017 -

A look: see if there is product description, there is no QS logo, number and manufacturer of detailed address, if not marked material do not buy. Note the color of the protective film, yellowing of PVC material, white PE material.

Two touches: PE protective film general viscosity and transparency is poor, with the hand rub after easy to open, stretching will break, and PVC film transparency and viscous better, with the hand rubbing after the bad expansion, can greatly stretch but will not break, easy to stick to the hand.

Three fire: PE protective film with fire ignited, the flame is yellow, rapid burning, leaving the source of fire will not be extinguished, there is oil phenomenon, there is a candle burning taste, and PVC protective film because of containing chlorine elements, fire after the ignition of the yellow-green flame, smoke is relatively large, no oil phenomenon, leaving the fire source will be extinguished, and there is a strong pungent odor.

PE protective film is relatively safe. Because of good toughness, high viscosity, transparency and other advantages, the current market on PVC Protective film is also a lot. Since PVC is a hard plastic, it is necessary to add a lot of plasticizers to the transparent and flexible protective film. Plasticizer dissolved in oil insoluble in water, so in contact with fats and oils will ooze, which contains chemical substances dissolved into food, adverse to health. Therefore, do not choose PVC Protective film in the packaging of cooked food, hot food and oily foods, especially meat.

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