is anti-blue light screen protector better for eye production?

- Dec 07, 2017 -

As we all know, now many smart phones have an eye protection function. So the question is, does the eye protection mode prevent Blu-ray? No need to paste an anti-blue light screen protector anymore? Which way is better for eye protection? Anti-blue light screen protector or eye protection mode?


When the eye protection mode showed in the market, you maybe think it will bring the end of anti-blue light screen protector.


But it’s not true. As long as you understand how the anti-blue light film works, you will know that it is quite different from the eye production mode. The eye production mode of the phone works by controlling the amount of blue light in the light-emitting RGB three-color. In other words, it works by adjusting the color temperature. In this way, it can reduce the harmful blue light of 380nm ~ 480nm to some extent. But there are very obvious shortcomings. The light whose wavelength are more than 480nm will be greatly increased. This will make the screen into a yellowish, darker, lower contrast situation. Therefore, in general, when the eye protection mode is turned on, you will lose the true color of the screen and it will be difficult to recognize the text on screen. It will hurt your eyes if things continue this way. It is possible to adjust the degree of yellowing, but the effect of anti-Blu-ray may be discounted.


However, the anti-blue light screen protector works differently. It directly reduce the blue transmittance through the nano multi-layer material film on the screen blue by refraction, absorption principle. A very important technical parameter is that the blocking rate of 460nm light is controlled at 30%, and by controlling the blocking rate of 380nm ~ 450nm, it reduce the change of hue and then maintain a certain brightness and color saturation. After affixed to the screen, it will not be yellowed much and the naked eye impression is still very comfortable.


Above all, is it necessary to apply an anti-blue light screen protector when your phone has an eye protection function? The answer is very clear now. If using the eye production mode, the entire screen will be yellowed. The color of the screen is seriously distorted! So relatively speaking, pasting an anti-blue protective film is a better choice. It can not only prevent harmful blue light, but also maintain the color fidelity.

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