Some ways to deal with antistatic of PE protective film

- Jul 31, 2017 -

Art Glass Art glass from the broad sense of the art of processing in the glass material, now the word "Art glass" in the industry and society is used in building materials decoration widely used.

Glass PE Protective Film process mainly: 1, painting 2, stickers buckle 3, add the back PE protective film (plus two times, sealing edge also sealed two times, safety high) 4, lower acid pool 5, in a certain period of time (usually half an hour) to remove the glass and clean water wash (with brush clean) The pattern of acid etching will appear prominently on the surface of the glass.

Most friends of the PE protective film anti-static helpless, do not know how to deal with. Product comes out, because antistatic agent distributes in the resin inside, and antistatic agent is the low molecular weight surfactant, has the hydrophilic moisture absorption characteristic, easily from the resin internal migration to the product surface hydrophilic (absorbs the air water), forms a water molecule layer, thus achieves the electrostatic discharge effect.

PE Protective film work is a relatively safe work, if not carefully manipulated, very easy to scrape limbs move.

The disadvantage of glass Sha Jing Bay is the glue after the finish is not good to take off, because the crystal-bay ratio patch thickness is high, and the thick is not average, after heating easily burst, adhesion needs in three concentration, so as not to cause unnecessary loss of viscosity.

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