Teach you how to choose the phone membrane

- Jan 22, 2018 -

Now the mobile phones are based on the big screen, and in pursuit of a very high proportion and beautiful screen, often do not pay attention to protection, mobile phone screen has become the most vulnerable parts of the process of using mobile phones, is not the original Wayward throw Nokia era, so people in order to protect the phone screen, most people are affixed to the screen layer of mobile phone film, but also gave birth to the mobile phone film industry.

But do you really understand the film attached to your phone? Does it really protect your phone?

Phone protective film material

In fact, the earliest cell phone film from Nokia's resistive screen, because the resistive screen needs to slide the screen, it is easy to cause screen loss, so people began to protect the screen, affixed to a thin plastic film on it, it is "plastic bag film" .

Until now, there are numerous types of protective films on the market. Various types of protective film has its own advantages and disadvantages, here I will briefly list some common types, analyze.

AR HD membrane

AR film is the most widely used, showing the best protective film one,

As the material of the synthetic AR film has the adsorption layer, the middle layer and the protective layer, it not only does not sacrifice the display quality of the mobile phone screen, but also has certain scratch resistance.

The only drawback is that water stains and grease easily fit the outer layer of the AR film, which can easily result in backlogging of fingerprints and dirt that require frequent wiping.

Matte membrane

Matte membrane is the best place to touch the touch, grease and fingerprint residue problems, matte film can be a better solution.

However, the matte material will directly affect the transparency of the protective film, sacrificing part of the color performance.

Scratch protection film & toughened glass film

PET membrane and toughened glass film They all have ultra-high hardness, and toughened glass film can even prevent the phone screen rupture.

In contrast, tempered glass film feel and display better,clear glass screen protector. while the PET film is cheaper.

In addition to these more conventional masks, there are mirrors that can be used as mirrors, diamond patches that shine brightly under the light, and anti-seepages prevent side-viewers from looking into privacy.

iPhone screen protector

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