The difference between tempered film and glass film

- Jul 31, 2017 -

1, scratch strength: A good tempered glass film, can withstand the blade, scissors, keys, such as hard, sharp items in the above scraping. A good tempered glass film is very difficult to draw the obvious scratches on the top, the scratches of the toughened glass film is obviously not good.

2, feel smooth degree: with the finger on the glass film on a few feel, good tempered glass to touch the film has a very delicate, fluent feeling, feeling than many mobile phone original touch screen (bare screen) to feel better. Almost the glass film is rough, not smooth enough, sliding on the mobile phone, a kind of sticky feeling.

3, the size of the fit: good tempered glass film cutting requirements are relatively high, you just take the film to the mobile phone affixed to find the size of the perfect cover, especially in some holes (photoptic hole) where more embodiment, paste up there is no bubble. Almost the toughened glass film affixed to the screen, you will find and the size of the phone is asymmetrical, there is a gap, and the hole bit is certainly large, because the opening of the small hole technology requirements are very high. Slightly careless, a good tempered glass film will be scrapped, not conducive to the cost of business control.

4, anti-fingerprint, anti-oil: Maybe we all think this I will, directly click on the finger print on a glance, this is also a method. But can not see the effect of the size, a better way is: dripping and oil pen writing, good tempered glass membrane is condensed water, dripping water will not disperse; The oil pen is also very difficult to write something on the surface of the tempered glass, and left the ink is easy to wipe off! Almost rough workmanship, not smooth, wipe off the oil, over time, the screen is dirty.

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