Why the glass foil has a strong insulation and explosion-proof performance

- Jul 31, 2017 -

1. Security grass-roots: transparent, and has a very strong impact-resistant ability, even in the role of strong external forces, can still protect the car windows intact, through this layer, constitute the explosion-proof membrane explosion-proof function. At the same time, because of its transparency, it can effectively filter the sun and the other side of the light in the glare of the light, for the driver's driving safety played a role. So it is a veritable "security base".

2. Comprehensive insulation layer: Car insulation function is reflected by this layer. The nickel in the insulating layer, chromium and other metal molecules by the control technology evenly distributed, can selectively reflect the sun's ultraviolet rays back to achieve the effect of blocking the heat, therefore, affixed to the explosion-proof insulation film and the explosion-proof heat-insulating film in the compartment of the temperature is obviously different.

3. Color peritoneal layer: This is the determination of the explosion-proof heat insulating film color layer. Car owners can be based on the color of their own preferences to choose explosion-proof insulation film.

4. Ultraviolet absorbing layer: This layer structure can absorb some ultraviolet rays through the heat insulating layer. Avoid the exposure of the driver to ultraviolet radiation caused by the skin red, black and even skin cancer formation, of course, also avoids the driver to produce cataract eye disease probability. At the same time, shielding off ultraviolet rays, car interior also played a corresponding protective role, not due to ultraviolet radiation and become aging, fade, crack.

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