About The Function Of The Anti-blue Cell Film

- Jan 01, 2018 -

1. Anti-blue: To prevent the 380um to 420um of high-energy short-wave blue light damage to the eye, and reduce the blue light on the skin melanin's birth effect;

2. Anti-germs: the use of silver nano-coating, sterilization rate of 99% to effectively protect the health and safety of users;

3. Anti-impact: hardness up to 3H, can effectively prevent accidental fall, collision, as well as the damage caused by the mobile screen when rolling;

4. Scratch-proof: to protect the phone or tablet computer screen is not zoned bad leave marks;

5. High light transmittance: After the film screen is still translucent clear;

6. Easy to clean: Gently wipe the screen like a new screen;

7. Easy to paste without bubbles.

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