Anti-Blue Protective Film

- Jul 31, 2017 -

Anti-Blue Protective film is a new screen protection film, compared with the traditional protective film, anti-blue protective film in addition to scratch, waterproof, peeping and other functions, the most characteristic feature is to prevent blue light. Through the absorption and transformation of mobile phones, computers, televisions, led and other light-emitting sources emitted by the blue light, protection of Blu-ray film can greatly reduce the blue eye stimulation, control myopia deepen. In addition to preventing myopia, it can also absorb and transform ultraviolet rays to prevent skin dryness caused by ultraviolet reflection, which produces skin pigmentation and chloasma.

Blu-ray is an important part of visible light, there is no separate white light in nature, blue and green light, yellow light mixed with white, green and yellow light energy is small, the eye stimulation is small, blue wave short, high energy, can directly penetrate the crystal direct to the fundus retina.

LED, computer background light artificial light source to retain a large number of blue, so that artificial light is whiter, brighter, some special white light gives a kind of pan-blue feeling, this is the high proportion of Blu-ray caused.

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