Building Glass Needs Foil

- Jul 31, 2017 -

The purpose of the architectural glass foil is to isolate almost all ultraviolet rays (sunscreen protection), and to maximize the barrier to infrared (thermal insulation), for safety considerations, but also through sufficient visible light. It can be said that almost all the heat comes from the sun, and the solar light reaching the surface of the earth is mainly ultraviolet, visible and infrared three kinds of light, their respective carrying solar energy is 3%, 44%, 53%, which is the most lethal ultraviolet rays, infrared produce the main heat.

In the thermal insulation function, the building glass film can be absorbed and reflected two ways to achieve, so the heat insulation film from the function above can be divided into high transmittance film with high thermal insulation reflective film, the general reflective film than endothermic film has a higher thermal insulation effect. Reflective film color is relatively deep, it relies on direct reflection of the sun's light to achieve the role of heat insulation, so the performance is good, but because of its transparent bottom, according to the scene of the environment to determine whether the appropriate use. The heat absorbing film is mainly absorbed by the metal layer in the film layer, which achieves the effect of thermal insulation. At present, the construction of glass foil has been widely used in building, home, villas, office buildings, hotels, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, banks, factories, jewelry stores, museums and other glass doors and windows.

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