Characteristics Of Professional Glass Film

- Jul 31, 2017 -

From the function, after the glass film installed in addition to the effect of energy-saving, but also block ultraviolet rays, the protection of indoor objects will not be due to ultraviolet radiation and fade, while effectively improving the explosion-proof and decorative glass.

Structurally speaking, whether the car glass foil or architectural glass foil, are a composite material, by polyester substrate, plastic, composite layer, lining and so on. Professional glass Foil film has four characteristics: strong light control, ultraviolet control, glass breakage protection and thermal control.

In terms of application, the application of automotive foil has been very common, and the application of building film in the field of construction has become more and more widely, the construction of the film directly affixed to the surface of the building glass, it can effectively block sunlight heat, in the hot summer to reduce the speed of indoor temperature rise, thus reducing the air-conditioning load, improve the temperature of the indoor situation, to achieve the purpose of saving air-conditioning costs.

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