Glass Film

- Jul 31, 2017 -

Multi-functional glass foil is a kind of new energy-saving building material which can effectively control solar thermal radiation and increase glass strength.

This kind of film is made of special polyester film as the base material, in the middle of the polyester film by magnetron sputtering and other methods, plating on a variety of high reflectivity metal or metal oxide coating, and then through a special process composite laminated made of a transparent and high thermal insulation of the functional glass foil. It can make the inexpensive ordinary transparent flat glass to transform into many colors, many functions of safety insulating glass.

For example, in the ordinary transparent glass can be directly affixed to the film as a coating glass and form a variety of colors, a variety of functions of safe insulating glass. For example, can be in ordinary transparent glass direct film into the same as glass of insulating glass, the ordinary transparent glass can be both insulated and safe explosion-proof effect of safety insulation glass. can also be affixed to the curtain wall glass colored or colorless transparent safety film, so that coated glass coating layer is not easy to oxidize and fade off, increase its resistance to wind pressure and the ability to resist acid and alkali. According to the test, 12mm of ordinary glass affixed two layers of security bulletproof film, can prevent 79 micro-submachine gun shooting without penetrating and no splash, it shows its reliable impact resistance. Safety Glass, made of ordinary glass with safety film, has reliable safety performance, low price and can greatly reduce the weight of glass.

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