No Protective Film Phone Screen What Will Happen?

- Jan 22, 2018 -

Cell phone no protective film, the phone screen will be like? In fact, want to ask if there is no protective film mobile phone screen will be easily hurt? Many enthusiastic users have their own different opinions, such as cell phone streaking without stress for a year, not film was scratched and so on and so on. Sticker is not attached to the phone membrane is a matter of opinion, but now the cell phone screen is relatively strong and wear-resistant, but if you encounter sharp objects can not be avoided will be damaged. The phone's four corners and the center of the screen is the most vulnerable place, affixed to a good quality film this can reduce screen wear. Different membranes have different properties, such as protective film packaging film, good elasticity, good light transmission. In addition, a good film can withstand some pressure, as well as the expansion of force, so as to reduce the extent of damage when the phone falls.

Protective film if only to multi-functional characteristics to meet the needs of the masses of consumers is not enough, in the face of consumer demand diversity, the company's protective film is not only reflected in the unique multi-purpose, but also reflected in the complete The size of the model. At present, the production and application of PE protective film in China is still at a high-speed extensive growth stage. Due to the impact of the wave of environmental protection, consumers have put increasingly higher demands on the packaging of goods. Green protective film packaging is the international trend of environmental protection needs, but also represents the development trend of the packaging industry in various countries is to improve the market competitiveness of products, to avoid one of the important elements of the new trade barriers. The greening of the protective film has also become an important trend of development.

PET curved  screen protector

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