Product Background Of Tempered Glass Film

- Jul 31, 2017 -

Tempered Glass Protective film is the most widely used worldwide in Europe, for this reason, the main product of toughened glass Protective film is the European market, the toughened glass protection film will be popularized rapidly in our country, and will form a huge industrial chain market. Although tempered glass protective film is a new type of mobile phone protection film, the production of toughened glass protective film manufacturers are quite a few, domestic about nearly hundred, mainly concentrated in Guangdong, but also increasing.

As early as 2012, the United States researchers to have "safety glass" said tempered glass used in the field of mobile phones, designed to protect the screen and the Glass Protection film, is the current screen protection high-end new products. 2013, some of the strength of domestic manufacturers also imported from abroad related to High-tech raw materials and technology, research and development of independent brands of toughened glass mobile phone protection film for domestic users to provide professional protection!

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