Simple Identification Of Glass Film Pros And Cons

- Jul 31, 2017 -

1. Observe clarity. Through the foil glass to observe the outer contour of the object is clear, high-quality film regardless of the color depth, clarity is very high, will not appear hazy view of the fog phenomenon.

2. Tear the inner lining to smell. Poor-quality building glass film is usually not a stable performance of pressure-sensitive adhesive, containing a large number of benzene formaldehyde molecules, sunlight will be volatile odor, and the special heat-insulating film is almost no taste.

3. Hand touch. High-quality building glass film touch has a solid sense of smoothness, low-quality building glass film is very soft and thin, lack of sufficient toughness, easy wrinkle.

4 color. High-quality film pigment evenly fused in the film, durable, not easy to change color, in the pasting process by scraping board will not be discolored. The color of the inferior film is easily removed with a fingernail under the lining of the torn film.

5. Use alcohol, gasoline, bitumen detergent and other chemical reagents. Because of poor quality building glass film only by the glue layer dyeing, or only in the glue layer of ultraviolet, so remove the protective layer after the coating layer, that is visible fading phenomenon, or with the instrument test, you can find that ultraviolet rays greatly reduced.

6. Scratch injury. High-quality high-grade film surface has a layer of scratch-resistant layer, under normal use can protect the film surface is not easy to scratch, if use the nail in the glass film (not inside the liner) to scrape back and forth a few, can easily scrape out scratches, it must not be high-quality building glass film.

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