The New S8 Screen Protector With High Sensitivity

- Nov 21, 2017 -

Did you have a screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy S8?

Did you suffer the screen protector’s poor insensitivity for Samsung Galaxy S8?

Are you confused how to choose a good screen protector for S8?


Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ is one of the most popular flagship phones which is released in April, 2017.


In appearance, the Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 + is like a stunner. The design of the screen corner looks really great. And the front is another Samsung's disruptive design. You can only see a fantastic screen which is with no other messy design. In this way, it provides a perfect visual effect.


Comfortable grip size and large viewing area usually cannot exit at the same time. But in the Galaxy S8 / S8 +, this two amazing features are put together. The Samsung Galaxy S8 offers a perfect solution to the discrepancy between the viewing area and the size of the body. The 18.5: 9 aspect ratio and the hyperbolic design are introduced to provide a sense of sensual pleasure while providing a comfortable grip feeling.


To our surprise, the 5.6-inch Galaxy S8 is a little smaller than the 5.5-inch S7 edge, plus, curved glass design on both front and back makes the S8 one of Samsung's best grip feeling devices.


However, with all these amazing features, especially the curved edge, it causes the problem about protecting it. The general screen protector in the market always has touch sensitivity problem, because there is a gap between screen and film, the glue is only on the edge, not in the entire screen. And many of the users complain that the edge is easy to upward. And plenty of users complain that the film affect the clarity of the screen because of the UV dolt. All these problems lead to complains from galaxy S8 owners. They have an urgent need for a good Galaxy S8 screen protector.


But don’t worry. We are here because we have found the solution.


We have developed a new technology to produce full glue 3D glass products for Galaxy S8 and S8 plus. The 3D glass screen protector is a revolutionary product, which is the newest and best protection film for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. It is made of high quality glass and specially designed glue to enable the screen protector stick the full screen including the curved edge.


With full glue adhesive, there is no gap between the screen and film. So this best screen protector for S8 won’t affect the touching system and it guarantees high sensitive touch feeling including the edge and corner of the screen, you can enjoy any phone games you like.


And there is no UV dolt on this screen protector, transparency is up to 98%, preserve optical clarity, allow an optimal natural viewing experience, keep your phone’s original beautiful display.


We also offer an installation tool and squeegee card in case customers have difficulty with installation. With those tools, it will be very easy.


This is really a fantastic products. It solves problem for Galaxy S8 owners. So it sells very well. And the demand exceeds supply at the moment. But we will try our best to improve our productivity and meet the demands for more and more customers.



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