This Mobile Phone Protective Film, Because It Really Drop So Trustworthy!

- Dec 20, 2017 -

This mobile phone protective film, because it really drop so trustworthy! 

 Now the steel film in the market is very competitive, all kinds of steel have, but the real drop results are very small, how do we achieve the effect of steel film drop? We need from the material, technology, processing and other aspects!


1, the original imported glass, more stable performance, better light transmission;

2, imported AB plastic, better exhaust, no footprint;

3, more than 4 hours of toughening time, even if the glass does not need to worry about the glass rupture damage to the screen. Fully guarantee the toughness of the steel film, hardness, surface hardness of true 9H; (most of the market is tempered 1 to 2 hours, the tempered effect is very general, and some businesses even without the steel process)

4, high-end fingerprint oil plasma spraying technology, anti-fingerprint layer is more wear-resistant, the effect is better;

   (Note: Under the current technical conditions, 100% anti-fingerprint is impossible, but the toughened film can maximize the anti-fingerprint effect and reduce the fingerprint residue, even if fingerprints remain, just gently wipe it.)

5, using 2.5D arc edge design, high arc edge of high-tech technology, the perfect fit membrane and cell phone, the edge feel more smoothly;

6, clarity: optical grade light transmittance, light transmittance of 99% or more (high light transmittance), low reflectivity, high permeability high;

7, film thickness: use layer 0.26MM / 0.33MM.

8, simple and easy to paste: fool paste method, respectively, 1,2 alcohol wet bag clean, and use the dust paste to clean up, as long as the alignment hole, the next will be able to automatically adsorb and empty the air inside.

HD scratch for iphone 6 / 6s tempered film 7 / 7plus eye purple glass mobile phone foil

Full coverage iphone7 plus steel film Apple 6 mobile phone foil 3d upgrade all-inclusive anti-fingerprint


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