Why Building Glass Foil Can Achieve Energy-saving Insulation

- Jul 31, 2017 -

The building membrane is the use of PET (polyethylene) substrate, leading using multi-layer metal magnetron sputtering technology and vacuum technology and ion technology as well as thin film physics, fine chemical technology, so that it has extremely high heat insulation efficiency, high, high degree of access, strong acid and alkali resistance. and the color is natural and rich, test results show that: can block 81% of the solar energy, outdoor temperature 38℃~39℃, than the average glass temperature 3. 5 ℃, saving more than 30% of air-conditioning power consumption, high-tech and energy-saving safety materials.

The main purpose of the building membrane is to save energy and heat insulation. The film can also be divided into thermal reflective film and low radiation film. Thermal reflective film, which is affixed to the glass surface to allow the room to penetrate through visible and near-infrared light, but not through far-infrared light. Therefore, there is enough light to enter the room, and most of the solar energy reflected back, in the hot summer to keep the indoor temperature will not rise too much, thereby reducing the indoor air-conditioning load, to achieve savings in air-conditioning costs and energy-saving role.

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