Why Mobile Phone Protective Film Should Be Changed Every Year

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Why mobile phone protective film should be changed every year

Touch screen smart phones are getting more and more high, many people in order to prevent mobile phone screen wear, shatterproof screen protector film, anti-glare screen protection will be posted above a layer of screen protection film. However, after use, this layer of protective film may appear a variety of scratches, stained with many dirty things. Mobile phone sales professionals to remind, in this case, it should promptly replace the screen protection film. For mobile phone protective film, it is best to change once a year.

Scratches on the phone's screen protector film can affect light transmission and reduce the clarity of the phone's screen, in which case people unwittingly bring their phone closer to the eyes in order to see the contents of the phone's screen, The problem is even more pronounced when outdoors are sunny. At this point, the eyes of the ciliary muscle often in tension, the convexity of the lens increases, the eye is easy to fatigue due to excessive regulation. Over time, the convex lens can not be restored to normal, it will form or aggravate myopia.

People touch everything everyday with lots of dust and bacteria on their hands, plus the grease that is secreted by their hands, which may remain on the phone's screen protector. If you place a cell phone on your face when you make a phone call, the dirt on the protective film will adhere to the skin on the face and, as time passes, may clog the pores and cause acne and acne to appear.

Convenient Tip: cell phone protective film should be changed every year

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