Privacy Screen Protector iPhone 6

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Privacy Screen Protector iPhone 6

Privacy protection tempered glass for iphone 6

Privacy screen protector is With physical optical polarization technology, anti-spy, avoid revealing personal information and trade secrets to people around you. You can only clearly see the information on the screen in the front of 90 degrees. Beyond a visual angle of left and right 45 degrees, you can only see a darkened screen.

Scratch resistant privacy screen protector iphone 6

The Mohs' hardness of the screen protector is 9H, greater than steel (5H),5 times the strength of ordinary PET, so it can protect iPhone 6 from scratches caused by sharp metal objects such as keys and knives.

privacy screen iphone 6 Oleophobic coating

Oleophobic coating, effective grease resistance, does not affect the visual effects, oleophobic, hydrophobic, anti fingerprint

Bubble free iphone 6 plus glass screen protector

Super thick silicone coating technology, high adhesion, automatically exclude bubbles, ultra easy to install

●best iphone screen protector Explosion-proof

With Anti-shock technology, it can effectively absorb the external impact to prevent the screen from breaking.  Made with tempered glass, even if broken, it will convert into small granular pieces but still remain intact and do not shatter.  

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